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Group Founder: kezzy86
Description: Find people who play games your into and exchange psn names to play together online.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 55
Category: Games > Playstation 3

Topics (5)

go games (1) nathan79
what games are you playing atm??I tend to flick between madden 12 / black ops and finally fallout3 new Vegas.just depends on my mood

go GTA (0) livedj
Add my PSN for some random GTA fun. I play most evenings around 20:00 my username is smart25 :-)

go cod:ghost (0) leonhart
cod ghost multiplayer is revealed later today!!! im sick of bo2, the game has so many issues typical treyarch game

go call of duty (0) kezzy86
Add your favourite cod game here and find others to join you. I havent been on black ops 2 for a while but i did start a clan on there if anyone wanta to join it your more than welcome. Let me know

go psn (5) kezzy86
Hey everyone, I've only just realised people have joined my group lol let's get posting psn names and favourite games mine is xKezzyx and Skyrim

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